The men of Jagged Edge are trying to put their thug life past behind them and settle down in their new video for 'Hope.' The gentle ballad is from the R&B group's upcoming project 'J.E. Heartbreak Too.'

The 7-minute clip starts off as a mini-movie with the crew enjoying a meal at a restaurant and suddenly finding themselves in a huge brawl.

The video then segues into the J.E.'s performance as they promise to quit their thuggish ways and rekindle the love in their relationships.

J.E. member Brian Casey, who co-wrote the song with his brother Brandon, says the idea for the song came from real-life experiences.

"Everything we write is always a combination of either Brandon's life, my life, or some of our friends told us a story," he explains to Yahoo Music. "We both have dated women who felt like you aren't ever going to stop playing in these streets. And then, we both have come across women who we wanted to make feel like we would, so it's a combination of both of our lives."

Jagged Edge's upcoming eighth studio album, 'J.E. Heartbreak Too,' is due out later this year.