Jagged Edge is mostly famous for their marital ballads like 'Let's Get Married' and 'Promise.' The veteran R&B group rehashes the wedding theme on their new single, 'Ready.'

A follow-up to their previous tune 'Hope,' the Atlanta quartet -- Brian, Brandon, Kyle and Richard -- sing of settling down and starting a family with their ladyloves.

"I know I'm done cheating / I know I'm done creeping / I'm trying to get it out of my life / Time to get myself right," they croon, adding, "I thank God I've found my wife."

On the chorus, the group sings, “I never thought I’d say this, I think I’m ready to be in love / Ready to be in love."

Veteran hitmakers Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox produced this sumptuous love ballad that women will love and true players will respect. Overall, the song is Quiet Storm-certified.

Jagged Edge is currently putting the finishing touches on their new project, 'J.E. Heartbreak 2.' The collection is scheduled to walk down store aisles on Oct. 27.

Listen to Jagged Edge's 'Ready'