As reported by AOL Music Blog, the Jackson family drama is just getting started. The feud, which seems to have originated over a plot to overthrow the Jackson estate administrators, has already seen matriarch Katherine Jackson reported missing by some members of the family and caused police to intervene after an altercation that involved Janet Jackson and Paris Jackson.

In a new interview with "The Insider," Michael Jackson's brothers Marlon, Tito and Jackie reveal they have been denied communication with their mother Katherine, who according to authorities, is resting on doctors orders at daughter Rebbie's home in Arizona. "We've been told that our mother is safe. She's doing well. But we have not spoken with her," Marlon said.

"We have not talked with her and I don't know where my mother is." Marlon then broke down in tears on camera and began to raise his voice in frustration, "All I know is she is in Arizona, and whatever doctor is saying I can't talk to my mother, you call me!" Marlon then apologized as he stormed off the set.

In another clip from the TV interview, when asked who was behind the confusing and divisive plot, Marlon replied, "I'm not going to go into all that ... All I know is that there is somebody who made the decision that my mother cannot talk to me and whoever that person is they're going to answer to me because I'm going to see my mother and I'm going to bring her home."

In addition to appearing in the emotional "Insider" interview with Marlon and Jackie, Tito has released his own statement, speaking out against the plot to overthrow Jackson estate administrators and revoking his signature from a scathing five-page letter that accused them of presenting a fraudulent will on behalf of the late Michael Jackson.

"I completely retract my signature from the July 17th letter sent to the executors of my brother Michael's estate and repudiate all the claims made against them," Tito announced in a statement to TMZ. "I don't want any part of that letter whatsoever." The letter was also signed by Jermaine, Janet, Rebbie and Randy Jackson. LaToya Jackson seems to be the only sibling who has thus far remained neutral in the feud.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports Tito's 34-year-old son TJ is preparing to go to court in the hopes that he will become the temporary guardian of Michael's three kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket, amid the drama.

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