Just two weeks ago, Katherine Jackson used her grandchildren, Paris, Blanket and Prince, to help her make an online video plea to fans asking them for donations to help fund a "heartfelt" Michael Jackson documentary. Now, after receiving an undisclosed amount of money in film contributions, Katherine has called it quits on the project.

TMZ first reported the story, finding a number of holes in her quest to raise money in the name of her late son. Katherine claimed the Michael Jackson Estate would not financially support her family documentary, but the truth was she never tried to contact them says Howard Weitzman, the MJ Estate lawyer.

After the media news channel called mother Jackson out for fraudulent activity, it seems that she and her team quickly pulled the plug on the whole project. So now one question remains: what happened to all the money that was raised?

Apparently, the crowd-sourcing website Katherine used to solicit money from fans allows her to keep the profits even if the documentary is never made. But a source close to Katherine says "every cent of the money raised was refunded and [she] got nothing." However, nothing has been confirmed.

Look at Katherine Jackson's online video plea to fans below.