Legendary producer J Dilla's family have fought a three-year legal battle over the fate of his estate, but it appears that the case has finally been settled in their favor.

Dilla, born James Yancey, died in 2006, from complications related to the autoimmune disease lupus. Since then, his mother, Maureen 'Ma Dukes' Yancey and eldest daughter, Paige, have yet to receive a cent from his estate, though he was one of the most revered figures in hip hop, having produced for Common, Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson, Erykah Badu, Tribe Called Quest and everyone in between.

The lawyers for the executor of his will, Dilla's former acountant Arty Erk, contended that Dilla owed several million dollars to the IRS, postponing any possible inheritance until the debt was resolved.

Rapper and close friend of Dilla, Q-Tip told Vibe magazine, "His estate is f---ed up. I know the lawyers are saying that he had certain tax issues and all that stuff. But you were getting paid to represent him when he was alive, so it shouldn't be any of that. Ma Dukes ain't getting nothing, and the kids ain't getting nothing. It's a horrible thing."

Thankfully, according to Okayplayer, Dilla's family has finally succeeded in their suit against Erk, who has resigned as executor of the estate. The announcement was made yesterday, and though the details are sketchy, they claim that
a new administrator has been appointed, who is "looking forward to working closely with the family throughout the process."

No word about Dilla's alleged debt to the IRS, as yet, but the whole situation seemed suspicious from the jump. We're glad the family is finally in charge of his estate.