The Internet keeps treating us with nostalgic gifts from hip-hop's golden era. First it was Kanye West's Fat Beats freestyle followed by Eminem's 1997 concert performance. Now we bring you an EP of unreleased demos (circa 1996-1997) from the late J Dilla and Detroit spitfire Phat Kat.

Indie label Sergent Records has released a five-song EP titled 'Detroit's Finest,' which features rare demo tracks from 1st Down, a rap group formed by the late producer (then known as Jay Dee) and Kat. For the uninitiated, Dilla and Kat were once partners-in-rhyme and collaborated on a few projects together, including Kat's stellar 'Carte Blanche' album.

'Detroit's Finest' offers early insight in Dilla's superior production skills back in the late '90s. Kat is also lyrical sharp as he puts fake rappers in lyrical chokeholds and reps his beloved city of Detroit.

On 'Front Street Remix,' Kat takes wack emcees to task for being fake gangstas on wax.

"All these wannabes looking at me hard / Trying to be like Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg," he raps. "Where will I go? / Where will I retreat? / To get the hell away from this front street."

On the melodic 'Rip Off the Roof,' Kat spits braggadocios rhymes about getting paid in the rap game.

"If I hear someone say that it ain't about the money / That's just your excuse for being broke and stayin' bummy," he raps, adding, "Mad flows for days, so now I gotta get paid."

Sergent Records has only 250 copies available of this rare Dilla/Kat EP. At $87 a pop this is a helluva expensive artifact to cop. But it's J Dilla so it's worth it, right?

For more information on J Dilla & Phat Kat's 'Detroit's Finest' EP, click here.

Listen to J Dilla & Phat Kat's 'Detroit's Finest' EP Snippet