J. Cole, a recent signee to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label, is finally putting together his debut album just in time for summer. "All singles done. Album ridiculous. Title Perfect. Music incredible," he wrote back in early May. "Thank you for your patience. Let's change the game."

But the North Carolina rapper isn't all smiles with the recently leaked 'Lost Ones.' Cole took to the Tweetosphere to write, "I think a lot of people know how much that one hurt. Much love to those who didn't support that. If you did, guess it's how the game goes."

The track features Cole in true stride, rhyming a story about the tremendous difficulties of abortion and how a father steps up to the plate.

While eager rap fans are sure to scour the Internet to hear 'Lost Ones,' the song is best heard when the artist is pleased, not disappointed, with its release.

Watch J. Cole's 'Who Dat'
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