J. Cole has returned to his native Fayetteville, N.C. for the inaugural Dreamville Weekend, a three-day celebration in his honor, which kicked off Thursday (March 1), with the first annual "J. Cole Day." To commemorate the event, the Roc Nation rapper released a new song, 'Visionz of Home,' which serves as both a record of his rise to fame, and a tribute to his Fayetteville roots.

"Visionz of home, the streets that I roamed, it's been a while/ Raised me like the father I never had, I'm still your child," Cole raps over the Elite beat. "And though I've grown in ways that you never known/ I ventured into the world, I moved out all on my own/ I'm doing this all for you, I hate to leave you alone/ Seen s--- you wouldn't believe, I write 'em down in these poems."

During his return to Fayetteville, Cole spoke with students at his alma mater Terry Sanford High School, hosted a dinner with the mayor, and will be performing at the Filmore in Charlotte on Saturday (March 3).

"'J. Cole Day' in Fayetteville today. Dawg, I can't even sleep it's too real. Dreamville Weekend," Cole tweeted on Thursday, in anticipation of the festivities.

Cole will kick off his Campus Consciousness Tour on April 11, performing at thirteen college campuses in 30 days, with opener Big K.R.I.T.

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