Yesterday (April 16) was super eventful. First Kendrick Lamar wins the Pulitzer and then J. Cole announced that he's dropping a surprise album on Friday called KOD.

Of course, fans were delighted that their detective skills were on point yesterday, when they pointed out that something fishy was going on with Cole's social media accounts after he switched his Twitter profile pic, background, and Instagram avatar. Most fans assumed it meant new music, and they were right.

Cole also announced he'd be hosting a free, first-come, first-served pop-up concert in New York on Instagram, and it was there that the chosen ones (read: the people who got there first) were treated to a listening session for his upcoming album.

DJ Booth got the details, reporting that KOD is a concise 12-tracks with (shocker!) no features. Also, the last track, "1985" is apparently an introduction to another project, which Cole unsurprisingly remained tight-lipped about. Cole says the album was recorded in about two weeks.

Cole is also reportedly experimenting with his flow a bit on this one— and the album came from nowhere, but he had to get it out.

"God was just giving it to me, like, "Here nigga, I'll write it for you, just take the credit,"' Cole reportedly said, per DJ Booth.

As for the KOD acronym, it reportedly stands for King Overdosed, Kill Our Demons and Kids on Drugs— it fittingly drops on 4/20.

Take a look at some of the fan reactions to the new Cole album, which drops April 20, below.

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