While fans continue to wait for that first official single from J. Cole's Roc Nation debut, the 26-year-old has kept busy with a few side projects, the most recent of which includes some new beat work for ESPN.

The rapper, producer and sports enthusiast -- reference his mixtapes 'The Come Up' and 'The Warm Up' for further details -- was recently tapped to revamp the theme song for ESPN's 'Baseball Tonight' show. The North Carolina native put an updated spin on the opening song, comparing it to a Lil Jon piece. "I had the honor and the privilege of remaking the legendary theme song. It's a classic," J. Cole explained in an ESPN clip. "The old one was more like Mozart. This is more like Lil Jon."

While his work for ESPN's 'Baseball Tonight' gave Cole a chance to showcase his production skills, a recent Powerade ad highlighted his rhyming with the original track 'I'm On It,' which first hit the web back in October 2010. The song was set as the soundtrack to a clip featuring Chicago Bulls MVP Derrick Rose.

At the end of May, Cole addressed the delay on his album's first single, which he did not name, explaining that the Kanye West-sampled beat had to be cleared before release.

Watch J. Cole's 'Who Dat'
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