J. Cole isn't exactly known for popping up on a lot features, but he pops up on Salomon Faye's new track, "Live and Learn."

The track, which is also produced by J. Cole, is melancholy, as Salomon reflects on his pain and the realities of his existence.

"I used to see rain as the proof I can cry with no fear, but now I gotta hide my own tears so I don't seem weak/I don't even want to see me 'cause I don't know that nigga/I don't owe that nigga/To tell the truth, something to show that nigga," he raps.

J. Cole shows upon the hook, co-signing the pain expressed on the song.

"'Cause I've been living way too long in the right or the wrong/I'm as small as a fly with the shit I'm on/So keep going get lost/I don't want to be found/You won't see me if you looking around," he offers.

Salomon's new project King Salomon is slated to be released on Nov. 23. In the meantime, check out his latest single below.

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