TDE's Isaiah Rashad is all about helping people. Several months ago, he unveiled his secrets from his dark past when he first interviewed with Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds on The Juan Epstein Show. There, he explained how he heavily leaned on Xanax and alcohol during his arduous bout with depression. With a stellar new project in The Sun's Tirade receiving rave reviews for its amazing candor, Rashad has been on a mission to draw awareness to those battling with depression, drugs, and alcohol.

“Don’t go through the problems in your head alone. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help,” he wrote on Twitter this past Sunday (Oct. 9). "The worst thing to do is think ur alone in it. Everybody’s somebody’s everything. Nobody’s nothing. I tend to forget that. Give that n---- a hug before u can’t dawg. Forreal.”

Back in September, Isaiah spoke to Billboard about how his addiction nearly crushed him.

"My mom seen me faded," says Isaiah. "Then, [I struggled with] a lapsing memory. I don't be remembering a lot of shit between them two years. It's like gaps in time. So I was like, 'I don't really want that no more.' That was the worst, not remembering shit. There's a lot of shit I don't remember."


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