It’s been two years since Isaiah Rashad released any new material but the TDE artist is set to release his new project, The Sun’s Tirade, on Friday (Sept. 2). In an interview on the Juan Epstein podcast, the Tennessee rhymer revealed that he was battling a severe addiction to Xanax and alcohol that could have destroyed his rap career.

"I fucked up pretty bad," he said. "I'm almost got dropped from my label like three times."

"After I got off tour, I was to stressed out. I started popping pills. I kept f---ing drinking," he explained further.

Rashad said things got so bad with pills and drinking that he destroyed his stomach lining. After that, the 25-year-old got sober and slowed down his usage. Thankfully, his TDE family intervened and is helping with his sobriety.

"I just know I got a bigger goal to do...I just don't want to be one of those n----s," he said about cleaning up his act. "I could feel my little power of words going away. Not putting out no music, n----s wonder what the f--- you doing. You either making the biggest s--- ever or you f---ing off. So everybody either knows or giving me the benefit of the doubt."

Elsewhere in the interview, Rashad talks about growing up in Chattanooga, Tenn., and his grind in the rap game.

Check out the interview below.

Listen to Isaiah Rashad Interview on the Juan Epstein Podcast

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