When we lost Pimp C back on December 4, 2007 to a "sizzurp" overdose, a huge void was left within hip-hop, as Pimp C truly lived up to his "pimp" moniker. The UGK member was the mouthpiece for dirty rhymes that came across as more humorous than offensive and more creative than most rappers in the game. His final effort 'The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones' will be posthumously released by Fontana Records via Rap-A-Lot Records on October 5, 2010.

In the intro to the work, Pimp C acknowledges that 'The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones' is his only "real" solo album, considering his previous solo works were manufactured during his three-year jail stint for parole violation. A good portion of this album was made while Pimp C was still alive. However, the obvious additions of current rappers like Drake, Young Jeezy, Chamillionaire, and Rick Ross, plus the selective production, merely compliment the many verses Pimp C had recorded in hopes of placing them on his unintentional final masterpiece. Despite the fact that we lost Pimp C too soon, his rhymes are still very relevant as even his Hurricane Katrina references still hold firm in the present day. The BoomBox got an early listen to Pimp C's album, and here's what you can expect from 'The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones:'

1. 'Down 4 Mine' (produced by Cory Mo) (Idea created by Scarface)

This track was conceptualized by Scarface, and Pimp C is straight singing on the track, rather explicitly. He sounds almost like Devin the Dude in his perverted cooing over quite a pimped out backbeat provided by UGK's longtime production brethren, Cory Mo.

2. 'What Up?' featuring Drake & Bun B (produced by Boi-1da)

This song leaked a while back on the Internet. Bun B is rapping as hard as ever with Pimp C matching the verses. It feels like a UGK track all over again. Drake is in on the action, doing his sing-songy rapping, while referring to himself as an "honorary resident of UGK town." Considering Drake was also on Bun B's 'Trill O.G.,' that may very well be true.

3. 'Love 2 Ball' featuring Chamillionaire (produced by Steve Below)

Pimp C opens this smooth track with a verse, while fellow Texan Chamillionaire jumps in for the second round and then Pimp C closes the track. Chamillionaire is exceptionally lyrical on "Love 2 Ball", which is a nice break for those who only really hear him on his mainstream grind, 'Ridin'.'

4. 'Fly Lady' featuring Jazze Pha (produced by Jazze Pha)

Jazze Pha gave this track quite the ATL treatment, production-wise. It's clearly a drivin' track with "lean to the side" repeated like a mantra. Jazze even drops a few bars furthering the Atlanta feel.

5. 'Since the '90s' featuring Gator Man & E40 (produced by Big E)

Gator Man and E40 especially are welcomed additions to this crunked out joint. The track is pretty hard, and the dichotomy of E40's Bay Area antics over a very Southern beat is masterful.

6. 'Dickies' featuring Bun B & Young Jeezy (produced by DJ B-Do)

A hot track with UGK together again. However, a suspicious line from Young Jeezy throws this track off kilter. Jeezy announces at the opening of his verse "Two Underground Kingz plus one Underground legend." We beg your pardon?

7. 'Made 4' featuring Too $hort (produced by Big E)

Big E's production turns this track into audio porn, and the assist from Too $hort only adds to that. Both pimps comically carry on about their many sexual maneuvers and close each moment with "That's what your p----'s made for."

8. 'Midnight' featuring Rick Ross & Slim Thug (produced by David Banner)

Originally titled 'Midnight Hoes,' this David Banner-produced cut features a hard, orchestral beat that really sounds like it was tailor made for Rick Ross. Good thing he's on the track to enjoy it. With Rawse, Slim Thug and Pimp altogether here, there's a Three Musketeers-vibe surrounding the trio of bosses as they ride the beat.

9. 'Believe in Me' featuring Ivory P., Cory Mo, Hezeleo, BankRoll Jones, Bub & Da Underdawgz (produced by Cory Mo)

Here's one for all of the homies. This elaborate posse cut sounds like a bunch of dudes yelling on the corner, but in a good way. Cory Mo takes time off from production duties to share a couple of lines as well. Pimp C is pretty scarce in the mix, but once he starts off you know exactly what time it is.

10. 'Hit the Parking Lot' featuring Webbie & Lil' Boosie (produced by Mouse)

A club anthem laden with tales of drinking and drugs. Webbie and Lil' Boosie provide some fun moments on the track, while Pimp C is as usual on his worst behavior. Memorable line by Pimp C: "Hoes eat my d**k like it's corn on the cob."

11. 'Colors' featuring Da Underdawgz (produced by DJ B-Do)

The colors theme on this track ranges from watches to cars, chains, and of course, strippers. Pimp C sends a nod to Ice-T on this track and once the boys have traveled through the spectrum, the song rides out to this synthy, bass-heavy instrumental.

12. 'Go 2 War' featuring Bun B & J-Dawg (produced by Steve Below)

This cut is best described as fighting music. Steve Below delivers some horn-heavy production, and at one point J-Dawg goes off on a complete tangent. Once again Bun and Pimp are reunited, which only adds to the tough flavor of this track while they chant, "If you want to go to war, I'll take you to war."

13. 'Massacre' (produced by VMan Productions)

This track provides a completely haunting beat while Pimp C fires off. This song sounds very pointed, with Pimp directing his aggression at all of the "Internet gangstas," telling them to stop hiding behind their computers. For someone like Pimp C, who is usually very laid back and talking about sex, this track is incredibly angry. It's a whole other side of Pimp C that we only rarely experience, and now we have it for the very last time.

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