Basketball players moonlighting as rappers is nothing new. Cleveland Cavaliers player Iman Shumpert releases a video for his new song "Promised," which also features his fiancee, Teyana Taylor.

The Sasha Samsonova-directed effort stays mostly in black-and-white as the point guard delivers his rhymes over a rattling beat. A silhouette of a nude Taylor appears against a bright red backdrop and elsewhere, the singer sensually rolls around in lingerie as she caresses her pregnant belly.

“I wanna marry your smile / I wanna spoil your style / I wanna sleep with your dreams / and then father the child," he raps before the mother of her child lends her voice to the song. "When I'm gonna feel it, I need to feel it," Taylor coos over a piano groove.

According to Shumpert, the expecting parents wrote the song before they knew that their baby boy was on the way. “The crazy thing about it is when I was writing it, I was speaking figuratively,” Shumpert told Skrillionaire. “I wrote this song about a year-and-a-half ago. Teyana didn’t add her part until right before the playoffs last year. With everything that was going on it just started to line up in my mind, I kind of envisioned what was happening and timed it up accordingly.”

The track is centered on an idea that most people can relate to. “The song is about keeping my promise to people that I love and all the stuff I ever said I was gonna do,” he said.

"Promised" seems to be the first taste of his forthcoming project, Home Grown, which he's currently working on.

Watch Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor make some solid music together above.

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