Rap veteran Ice-T has lived a very colorful life. During his career as a rapper, actor and Body Count frontman, he has seen it all. So how much of the information about his rich history is accurate on Wikipedia?

The good folks at Loudwire interviewed Ice-T for their latest edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’

In the clip, Ice-T talks about his early childhood, his gang affiliation and his past criminal activities.

So below are five things we've learned after Ice-T set the record straight.

1. Ice-T's real name is Tracey Lauren Marrow.

His middle name Lauren is pronounced the same way as fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

2. Ice-T is gang affiliated.

The 'O.G.' rapper never joined a gang but befriended many of the gang leaders and shot-callers, which gave him more juice with the gang members.

3. Ice-T was once jailed in the military for theft of an infantry rug.

It's a long and complicated story, but Ice was able to escape a long prison sentence and continue his military service.

4. Ice-T was an unsuccessful pimp who made only $40 a day.

"They say pimpin' ain't easy, I'll make it more simple, pimpin' is difficult," he quips.

5. Ice-T once appeared at Wrestlemania.

The legendary rapper escorted legendary WWE wrestler Charles "The Godfather" Wright to the ring while performing, ironically, 'Pimpin' Ain't Easy.' "That was a great moment in my life. Wrestlemainia is big" he said.

We didn't list of all of the fun facts from his past. So watch the video above and learn more about Ice-T's history.

And in case you missed it, watch Ice-T insult some video game geeks below.

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