Any artist with a song called 'Talk S---, Get Shot' is a target for backlash, especially in a society fighting for gun control. Ice-T is no different. While the title may offend some, the hip-hop veteran ensures the track is pure fantasy.

The rapper, with his thrash metal band Body Count, released the hater-threatening track as the lead single of their new album, 'Manslaughter.' Lyrics like "get your wig split" and "don't test me, I'm a psycho with the rifle," aren't for the timid. He's murdering the critics on wax, but in reality, Ice is just giving people a reminder to back up their words when a confrontation strikes.

Watch the entertainer open up to The Boombox about the premise of 'Talk S---, Get Shot,' gun control and question why kids' hearts "grow cold" before school shootings take place.

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