Decades after the scandal over Ice-T's 'Cop Killer' in America, a hipster Hungarian radio station has been warned by the country's government for playing two songs by the gangsta rap pioneer. The listener-supported non-profit radio station Tilos Radio reportedly received an 8-page letter on Dec. 13 cautioning them for playing 'Warning' and 'It's On' back in September of 2010.

Apparently the songs were not to have been broadcast before 9PM, to avoid negatively affecting underage listeners. 'Warning' features an expletive-filled introduction that states, "If you are offended by words like s---, b----, f---, d---, a--hole, c---, dirty b----, low motherf---er, n----, hooker, slut, tramp, dirty low slut tramp bitch hole, n---- f--- s---."

Tilos released a statement in response to the media authority, contending that the majority of their listeners are not proficient in English, and can not comprehend the curse words/slang used. The station further claimed that only 4 percent of their listeners are under the age of 18, and would not have been adversely affected.

"I love it! The world still fears me," Ice-T tweeted, regarding the scandal.

Ice-T's legendary 'Cop Killer' song was one of the most controversial rap songs of all time, sparking an intense debate about censorship of rap lyrics, and racism in the media. Years later, he would ironically take on the role as a police officer in 'Law & Order: SVU,' when he turned to acting.

The media authority had been monitoring radio stations for months, awaiting impending media laws, which officially went into effect on Jan. 1. Under the new law, the state has greater authority over private news outlets. The Ice-T fiasco was something the authorities say they were addressing under the country's old censorship guidelines. As yet, no ruling has been made, and Hungary's Constitutional Court will be asked to review the new media law.

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