Ice-T is obviously one of the more fearless artists in music. For 30 years, Ice has been unapologetically outspoken and unafraid of controversy, from his early hip-hop albums to his hardcore/metal excursions with Body Count; this is who Ice-T is, fundamentally. And Ice is back with Body Count and with an urgent new message.

Of course, Body Count earned their place in infamy back in 1992, when they dropped their self-titled debut which included the incendiary track "Cop Killer." The song became a pop culture flashpoint, as politicians and pundits ripped Ice-T for advocating violence against police officers. "Body Count was intended to reflect straight anger. It was supposed to be the voice of the angry brother, without answers," Ice said in 1994. "If you took a kid and you put him in jail with a microphone and asked him how he feels, you'd get Body Count."

And that anger is still informing Body Count's sound and message. The band has released the fiery new track "No Lives Matter," on which Ice and his crew rail against the idea that America has ever cared about Black lives--or anyone's lives who wasn't a part of the status quo.

"It's unfortunate that we even have to say 'Black Lives Matter,'" Ice explains in the video intro. "I mean if you go through history, nobody ever gave a f---."

While the song acknowledges that other non-white people face oppression, Ice further explains why he has no interest in "All lives matter" slogans.

"You're diluting what I'm saying, you're diluting the issue--the issue isn't about everybody. It's about Black lives at the moment," he says. "But the truth of the matter is, they don't give a fuck about anbyody if you break the shit all the way down to the low, fuckin' dirty-ass truth."

You can check out Body Count's  "No Lives Matter" in the video above the story.


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