Ice-T may be one of the founding pioneers of gangsta rap, but Arcade Sushi is praising the 'Rhyme Pays' creator for his video game voice-overs.

For the site's '5x5' series, hosts Nick Murphy, Josh Henderson, Luke Brown and Paul Ritchey break down the rapper's top five performances in the video game world using their signature mix of snark and humor.

The first Ice-T character mentioned is Agent Cain, in the game 'Sanity: Aiken's Artifact,' which Murphy says wasn't played by many people because they were "haters." Madd Dogg in 'Grand Theft Auto' is No. 2, and Henderson cleverly uses a Body Count reference -- Ice's heavy metal group -- to say the game is ultra violent. "You thought your body count was high in this game," he jokes.

Aaron Griffin in 'Gears of War 3' is the next Ice-T character that receives praise then the hosts skip the fourth selection to replace it with a 'Law & Order' joke instead. 'Def Jam Fight for New York' is the group's fifth and final pick, but there's a twist.

Ice-T actually shows up in the clip to hilariously explain that he's the real deal and not some hologram in the studio. "What's the name of this show anyway?" he asks. "Don't touch me, man. I ain't no motherf---ing hologram."

Watch all the way to the very end to see which one of the hosts receives a slap in the face from the hip-hop pioneer himself.