Do you remember that scene in the film Straight Outta Compton that shows how the cut "F--- Tha Police" was made? In the movie, the group is harassed by some local officers, and later Ice Cube pens the song out of sheer frustration. Well, it appears some poetic license was used for that scene.

It turns out that Eazy-E and Dr. Dre were shooting paintball guns at other cars on a California freeway, they got stopped, and that's how the song was made.

"Him and Dre decided to ride down the Harbor freeway, sticking the paintball shotguns out the f------ window and [shooting], creating havoc on the motherf------ freeway, so highway patrol got wind of these fools," explained the World class Wreckin' Cru's Alonzo Williams in the upcoming HBO documentary The Defiant Ones.

From there, Dre picks up the story.

"Ten or fifteen minutes after that, the police is behind us, pull us out of the car with guns drawn, lay us face down on the freeway, really aggressive and the whole nine, as they should have been," he said.

Afterwards, Ice Cube chimes in and explains how that specific event led to "F--- Tha Police" being written.

According to Cube, Dre got into serious trouble for shooting those paint guns, so he had to serve jail time on the weekends and was allowed to come home on Mondays, which affected N.W.A. as a group.

"As a teenager, weekends with Dr. Dre, you in the club, you partying, the music is banging, you around hip-hop, he goes to jail, all that stops. So our weekends were boring," explained Cube. "We were back on the block, just not doing nothing, so I was just mad all the fun stopped and Dre had to go to jail until Monday. So I wrote 'F--- Tha Police,' because it was like 'enough is enough.'"

You can watch the short clip above, before The Defiant Ones airs on July 9.

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