Howard Stern
and Jamie Foxx are currently involved in a heated war of words. Beef between the two satellite radio hosts began after Stern's recent Oscar recap, when he attacked 'Precious' actress, Gabourey Sidibe, for her weight. Stern proclaimed that she would never land another movie role, and went as far as condemning Oprah for encouraging Sidibe to pursue a career in Hollywood.

VJs at Jamie Foxx's 'Foxxhole' station on Sirius/XM radio joined the public in bashing Stern for his comments, which immediately sparked trouble. Although Foxx didn't initially throw any words himself, he did defend his VJs when they came under attack, invoking the wrath of Stern.

On a recent show, the shock jock addressed the issue head-on, warning Jamie Foxx to watch his step. "The crew started in with me and I'm not some p---- who's gonna sit here and take it and listen to some b-------." He said. "And quite frankly, I'm mad now because, you know, I got a s---load of stuff on Jamie Foxx, which isn't a lot of fun and if he wants to start in with me." Whoa!

Stern, who went on to hint at the possibility that Jamie Foxx was homosexual, said that there was no love between the two. "I don't really care about Jamie Foxx. He says we're friends but we're not friends." Stern said. "He's been on my show a couple of times. I don't consider him a friend anymore," Stern said.

Jamie Foxx has yet to respond to Stern's scathing words.

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