Jamie Foxx was the special guest at the Tribeca Film Festival as he participated in the Tribeca Talks: Storytellers with journalist Jacques Morel.

During the discussion, the veteran singer-comedian talked about everything from his days as a comedian on In Living Color to winning his first Oscar for his portrayal of late Ray Charles in Ray. Foxx told several his hilarious stories including his intervention by Oprah Winfrey and other celebs.

As Foxx tells it, he was nominated for Best Actor for Ray and Best Supporting Actor for Collateral. Despite his two nods, the actor didn’t think he would win and didn’t take the Oscar nominations seriously.

"When we were up for the Oscar, I didn't take it seriously," said Foxx. Thankfully, Oprah orchestrated a clandestine meeting with Hollywood icon Sidney Poitier, which changed his life. "I give you one thing: responsibility,” Foxx recalled Poitier's advice to him.

Watch the entire Jamie Foxx Storytellers interview above. Fast forward to the 51-minute mark for Foxx's "intervention" story.

In other news, Jamie Foxx will receive an honorary doctorate degree from Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas, during their commencement ceremony on May 5 reports CBS19. The degree will recognize Foxx's outstanding achievements in music, film, and television.

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