Hot 97 and Power 105.1 are known to constantly be at odds as two competing New York hip-hop radio stations. The former pulled an almost undeniably shady move on its competitor. Smart, but still shady.

Hot 97 bought its antagonist's domain name on Friday (Sept. 12). In other words, if you type in, "," you will be redirected to Hot 97's website. The "" website will direct you to the radio station, which is home to the Breakfast Club.

This slick move directly steals page views from Power 105.1. Interestingly, Hot 97 has owned the name since 2000, and renewed it in 2013 and will have it until 2017.

Those who want to appeal to fairness can point to Angie Martinez's move to Power 105.1 over the summer. She was the Voice of New York at Hot 97 for 20 years.

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