Musicians have the most interesting lives, so interesting that biopics are often made about them. However, if their main hustle is in fact music, then why aren't there more musicals made in their honor? Sure The Who had 'Tommy,' The Beatles had 'Rain' and someone attempted to make a musical around David Bowie's 'Major Tom' -- he put the kabash on that though. Hip-hop though? Not so much. Until now.

With the word out about 'Holler If Ya Hear Me,' the Tupac-inspired musical that is currently being cast, The BoomBox decided to concoct a list of 10 other hip-hop and R&B artists who are candidates for a musical. We're all about honoring our favorite artists while they're alive too, so this list includes artists who have passed, but most who are still alive to see this fictional show unfold. So buy your ticket, grab a playbill, and welcome to the greatest show on Earth. OK, that's the circus, but these spectacles are just as entertaining.

Hip-Hop and R&B Musicals


Watch 'Beyonce Working on New Material For Fifth Studio Album'

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Beyonce Working on New Material For Fifth Studio Album

Watch Beyonce's 'Love on Top (Live From Roseland)' Video

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