The GameThe Game has always been a fan of taking hard shots and airing out everyone else's dirty laundry, but now some of that bad karma has finally caught up to him. Some evil genius hacked into the Compton rapper's private e-mail account this week, distributing a detailed list of his monthly expenses on the web. Things could be worse though -- for starters, there are no naked photos here.

The detailed list includes rent, taxes, child support payments and other expenses amounting to roughly $52,000 per month. But despite his antagonistic nature, some rappers could learn a thing or two from the Game, because he seems to be well on top of his finances. In addition to child support payments to two former flings, Game also covers his mom's mortgage, in addition to the auto payments for those Bentleys he like to tweet about so much.

There has been no word on his Twitter account about the leaked information, but now we can look at the rapper's tweets tagged as "UKnowUBroke" with fresh eyes. On March 1 he wrote, "#UKnowUBroke when you & ay cat eating out the same can for dinner!!!" followed by "#UknowUBroke when yo kids don't even say hi when you walk in the house no mo." Apparently $52,000 a month isn't small change even for a rapper.