While major television networks haven't stepped-up and paid proper tribute to former Gang Starr member and all-around great MC Guru, that doesn't mean that the real hip-hop community has forgotten his legend. A slew of DJ mixes and recorded tributes from rappers flooded the scene after Guru's passing on April 19, 2010, and now the he's been memorialized in a beautiful mural prepared by some local graffiti legends in the Bronx.

Go to the stretch of 174th street between Park Avenue and Webster Avenue and you'll find the piece -- an exhaustive collaboration between Logek, Cope, Deem, Sen, Gusto, Meres and OD. This group of high-profile graf artists have been legends for years with tons of intricate, multi-part murals under their belt, but the Gang Starr subject matter seems to have brought the best out of them.

The New York-via-Boston rapper has been remembered fondly since his somewhat mysterious and dramatic death in April. Perfectly described by his sister as "creative like crazy" and "dynamic and curious, eager and ambitious," Guru provided a major contribution to hip-hop by combining socially conscious lyricism over production that often merged smooth strands of jazz and funk fusion over a course of highly-regarded records.

Props to all the artists involved in the new mural. It's a sight to behold and a fitting tribute to Guru that plays up all the positive qualities that hip-hop has been about since its birth in the very same Bronx neighborhoods in the 1970s.

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