Shane Willoughby, the "tattoo artist" who put the triple scoop ice cream cone with lightning bolts on Gucci Mane's face, says he has reconsidered giving out face tattoos. "When [Gucci] said he wanted to do the ice cream thing I said 'Well why don't we do it somewhere else?' But he was like I don't have anywhere else," Willoughby said. "I won't tattoo anybody if they're [drunk] or high because I can't stand the smell of weed...[Gucci] seemed completely sober. He knew what he was doing. He said 'I want something rock 'n roll.' There's nothing more rock 'n roll than lightening bolts." [Vibe]

John Oates recently discussed the day he shaved his legendary mustache off. "It really was a kind of spiritual moment for me. The mustache represented a me I no longer was. I shaved it off and never looked back." Oates said, looking back. The next day Miles Davis got creepy with him at the Tokyo airport. "He came up to me with those red eyes of his. He got like three inches from my face and kinda drew his finger across his own upper lip, as if he was shaving, and he said to me [in a deep, raspy voice], 'Now the lovin's gonna be better.' And then he went up to Daryl and said, 'I used to tell my hairdresser, I want my hair to look just like Daryl's.'" Who hasn't told a hairdresser that, though. [NewYork]