Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame are prepping to bring their antics to a small screen near you. According to reports, the rappers are shopping around their very own reality show. The show will work to contrast their public personas, which they believe have been misrepresented due to their explicit lyrics.

"We show everyday life," Gucci said in an interview. "What we get into in [the] studio and at our shows. We just ordinary people with a crazy Rock N' Roll lifestyle. Because of the music we make, people think that's what we do all the time -- but we got a real family life. We got heart. We do a lot of things for the community and we love each other."

The show will also feature Waka's mother and manager Debra Atney, and will offer a comedic tone. "I think they'll get a laugh more than anything," Gucci continued. "I'm not serious all the time. People think we are thugs because of our music."

Both Gucci and Waka have been plagued by legal trouble in recent months. As previously reported, Waka's Georgia home was raided, resulting in Gucci's arrest. A few weeks later, Waka turned himself in to authorities to face several charges including possession of both marijuana and a firearm. Gucci was also taken into custody and was later believed to have been transported to a mental hospital. Although Atney later denied the 'Wasted' rapper was in such a facility, Gucci did little to quiet inquiries into his sanity by tattooing a huge ice cream cone on the side of his face.

Gucci and Waka are said to be in talks with BET to air the show.

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