Gucci Mane isn't letting his one-year prison bid stop him from releasing new music. The Atlanta native's label, Warner Bros. Records, just announced the upcoming release of the 'Burrprint 2' mixtape. Hosted by DJ Holiday, 'Burrprint 2' will be the first in a series of mixtapes all leading up to his post-prison album 'The Appeal' hitting stores this summer.

While the mixtape features songs made prior to his incarceration, Gucci recorded the lead track 'Live From Fulton County Jail' over the phone from prison. "Gucci called me from Fulton County and told me to start recording," DJ Holiday explained in a statement. "He busted a hot verse right there on the phone and that's what you hear on the record, with the 1-minute automated warning and all, 'you have one minute remaining', it's so real."

Artists like Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross all make appearances on the mixtape, which according to Gucci, is a tribute to his fans. "Many of my fans know me from the massive amounts of mixtapes I've released over the years," Gucci said in a statement. "The Burrprint 2' mixtape is just something I wanted to put out there as a thank you for all those who have stuck by me through my incarceration, all those who have written letters, this is for you ... I will be home soon."

Last November, the 30-year-old began a 365 day prison sentence for violating his probation and was ordered into custody immediately following sentencing. 'The Burrprint 2' drops April 13.