Finally released from jail on Friday (July 8), after receiving a misdemeanor battery charge for pushing a woman from a moving car, Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane has given his first interview regarding his future plans and recent face tattoo.

In an interview with Karmaloop TV, the 'Ferrari Boyz' rapper explained that his first order of business was to record more hits.

"I got out like a day ago. First thing I did, I just got my feet planted on the ground. Went back to the studio, banged out about five records," Gucci said. "I got some great writing done, I got some new hits that people need to wait on."

Discussing the lightning bolt-adorned ice cream cone he recently had branded on his face, Gucci scoffed, claiming the tattoo was not something he had seriously considered. "It was just a common day of my life," he said, of the day he received his notorious ink. "No different than a normal day. I ain't put too much planning into it at all."

Predictably, when asked about his future plans, the routinely-imprisoned MC cited rapping and touring as his goals for the coming years. "Ten years, hopefully I'll still be touring, making music, doing something that I love. Right now, rapping is the thing that I love. Maybe then, I'll have another passion," Gucci said. "That's one of my favorite things to do, be live on stage."

Gucci Mane released his latest mixtape, 'Writings on the Wall' while still locked up on July 5. Check it out here.

'Ferrari Boyz,' his joint album with Waka Flocka Flame, is set for an August 9 release.

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