Gucci Mane is known for his ridiculous chains as much as he's known for his rapping. "So much ice make ya eye sight blury," he raps on his 2008 mixtape 'Mr. Perfect.' Other nods to bling run thick through the Atlanta MCs discography, most recently with his first post-prison mixtape, 'Jewelry Selection.'

On the comeback trail after serving a year-long prison term for violating his probation, Gucci returns today with his third official studio album, 'The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted,' via 1017 Brick Squad Records/Warner Bros. The 1017 Brick Squad Records CEO sat down with Miss Info and talked about this personal jewelry selection and proper strip-club etiquette. "Don't watch your friends' dances," Gucci says. "And don't take $50 out and give a $10."

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