Rich rappers really need better accountants. The Blast reports that Gucci Mane has finally settled his tax bill with the government, to the tune of $823,358.50.

The Blast reports that the government is no longer trying to freeze his assets now that the whopping bill has been taken care of. If Guwop needed an example of how cutthroat the government is about its money, he needed to look no further than DMX, who was just sentenced to one year in jail for tax fraud, despite pleas from ex-NBA'er Jayson Williams who said X needs rehab, not prison.

At any rate, don't cry an rivers for Gucci. He's doing alright financially, announcing late last year that Atlantic Records put a $10 million extension on his contract. He also has a biopic in the works. Brian Grazer and Erica Huggins will produce the project, which Paramount and Imagine Entertainment have teamed up to release. The movie is based on Guwop's bestselling biography, The Autobiography of Gucci Mane.

 The book details the Atlanta rappers life in the streets, battle with drug addiction and nearly three year prison stint, tracing his career from his debut 2005 album, Trap House. Since then, the rapper has released a 12 albums and 72 mixtapes.

Anyway, surely Guwop is happy to have that huge tax bill settle so he can go back to making money in peace.

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