Sometimes a rumor is so crazy, bizarre and puzzling that we have to engage with it. The most current one goes a little something like this: Britney Spears is recording a track with Atlanta trap rapper and purveyor of crazy facial tattoos Gucci Mane. This has to be a pipe dream, right? There's no way this could be real.

Well, Gucci's publicist, Kali Bowyer, says it is indeed happening. In an interview with XXL, she revealed that the word-hungry rapper has been recording with both Spears and former Destiny's Child sidekick Kelly Rowland. With legal problems still swirling around him and his associates, Gucci seems to be getting it in these days.

"We've been running around all day," Bowyer said. "We've been shooting a video. And then we'll be shooting another video with Kelly Rowland. Gucci's been working with Britney Spears. All while filming a reality TV show."

Apparently, Mr. Mane and Spears are tracking a remix to her current hit 'Hold It Against Me.' While we're not sure there is much crossover between the artists' fanbases, this could make for an interesting mix. When asked about why he would record with Spears, Gucci gave a response that's both simple and questionable.

"Britney's so icy," he said to Rumor Fix. "I'm going to make her go Brrr."

Watch Gucci Mane's 'Lemonade'

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