Have you ever wanted to walk around with Gucci Mane in your pocket? Well, today is most certainly your lucky day. The always-quotable ATL rapper is currently in the process of creating his first iPhone application. The software is based around a soundboard of Gucci's seemingly endless list of catchphrases such as "Burr," "It's Gucci," "What it do!" and "What's poppin."

"Go to the iPhone and you'll hear me sayin' all kind of stuff on there," explained Gucci in a video from the studio recording his drops for the app. "Shout out to all my fans. Thanks for the support."

Gucci's first app comes after a line of similar soundboard products from hip-hop artists such as Snoop Dogg and Lil Jon. T-Pain still might hold the crown for apps thus far, though. His Auto-Tune clone hit the Internet last September, allowing for anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch to Auto-Tune their voice and vocals with the single click of a button.

There's no concrete release date for the Gucci app, but we'll be sure to scan to the store and pass it on when it's ready to make your friends laugh before annoying them. Props to Woooha for the link and check out Gucci working his magic below.