After a few return trips to jail, a reported stint in both rehab and a mental institution, rapper Gucci Mane appears to be back on the straight and narrow, focused on keeping his career in order.

In the past few months, the Atlanta MC has exhibited some less than savory behavior, culminating with tattooing a large ice cream cone on the side of his face. However, Gucci wants the public to know that he is of sound mind, and feels that his ink was a good decision. "Everybody wants to know why I got the tattoo, did it hurt, what it means," he told Billboard. "I just tell them it's my trademark. It represents being the coldest in the game."

While behind bars, Gucci noted that keeping his mind on music helped him maintain his sanity. With his prison days behind him, hopefully for good, the 31-year-old used the recording of his recently released project, 'Return of Mr. Zone 6,' as a form of therapy.

"The past few months are in this album," he explained. "I work through my problems, I work through my pain. So when I was going through all the things I was going through, in the courts and all kinds of ... I just stayed in the studio. It definitely helped me."

Next up, Gucci plans to drop a joint album with longtime friend and fellow Brick Squad member, Waka Flocka Flame, titled 'The Ferrari Boys.' Between the two of them, the southern rappers have failed to push millions of units, but have maintained a steady fan base strengthened by their signature sounds and a handful of respective hit singles.

"This album is gonna be the hardest album of the year," Gucci proclaimed.

As previously reported, the duo are also pitching a reality show while Gucci is dabbling into acting, co-starring in the new film 'Get Money,' alongside Master P.

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