Gucci Mane seems to have gained a relatively clear head while in prison. In a recent interview, the incarcerated rapper talked about a wide range of issues including the reception of 'The State Vs. Radric Davis' and his association with drugs.

To start, Gucci cleared up rumors that cocaine usage was partially responsible for a failed test landing him back in prison. "My urinalysis was from, like, six months ago," he told XXL. "I think it was for marijuana. But it definitely wasn't from cocaine. I have never used cocaine. That's just not true. Then I stopped smoking and stopped drinking. For the last six months, I haven't used any drugs, and I will continue to claim sobriety."

As for serving another stint behind bars, Gucci is remaining optimistic and seems genuinely blessed by his recent fame and the public's attention to his record. "I put my record label together; my new situation with Warner went well," he reflected. "I built a lot of anticipation, I worked hard in those eight months, and I'm pleased with the recognition I'm getting. I'm at the height of my career so far. It's a blessing just to have people who would want to buy your stuff and to be anticipated. But in the little time I got here, I really can handle it. It's just a small little stepping-stone of where I've got to go."