Goodie Mob's Khujo Goodie caught a bad case last week when members of the Dungeon Family confirmed that he was facing a two-year sentence after being convicted of three counts of felony possession of a firearm and one count of violation of the Ga. Controlled Substance Act for having marijuana on his person - charges from 2009 and 2010. But now, it looks as though he's a free man. Several members of the Atlanta group posted updates on their Twitter pages to confirm that Khujo was released from prison.

"Khujo Goodie Will be FREE Today thanks to Daniel Cane, the D.F. And Jesus !!!," tweeted Big Boi. "GIVE THANKS! We just got khujo out of jail. They can't stop what GOD HAS planned. MIGHTY DF. The FOUR HORSEMEN RIDE AGAIN," he posted in another update.

"THE MOB DID IT!! SHOUTS OUT TO BIG BOI..WE BROUGHT KHUJO HOME TODAY. THE MAN NOT THE DOG WILL SLEEP N HIS BED TONIGHT!! MOB BIZNESS>ZAGGA!!," tweeted Goodie Mobb member Gipp. "Today Was Great Khujo Home.Ceelo Goodie On Rick Ross #1 Record.Big Boi Still Top 10 on BillBoard.CEELO SHOOTIN NEW VIDEO.MOB NEXT.GOD LIVES!," he later posted.

According to Creative Loafing, a Henry County judge determined that one of the rapper's indictments was legally void. Big Boi, Cee-Lo and Gipp were in attendance to support the rapper, whose real name is Willie Knighton Jr. Khujo is free to tour with Big Boi to promote the OutKast member's new album, 'Sir Lucsious Leftfoot: The Return of Chico Dusty,' and take part in an upcoming Goodie Mob reunion album.

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