Algebra Blessett's southern charm is undeniable. She has a smile that's contagious -- once she shines those pearly whites in your direction it's hard not to return one -- and she's quick to make those around her feel at ease. No diva behavior or bad attitude here. The songstress knows how to have a good time, even when she's fishing.

The Atlanta native travels to New York City to take part in The Boombox's Go Fishing video series to answer a random set of questions about her personal life and music career. Blessett's nervousness shows when she's about to reveal what got her in trouble growing up. "I don't want to say," the singer states with a laugh.

From lame pickup lines to her favorite hip-hop album to the best spot to grab food in ATL, she touches on a variety of topics. This little lady, whose sophomore album 'Recovery' arrived earlier this year, offers more than a few quips as she grabs from the fishbowl.

Get to know the 'Right Next to You' chanteuse above.