Where would black music be without a little soul? Even as the argument rages that R&B is heavily diluted by hip-hop influence, singers are managing some of the most heart-wrenching lyricism and melodic crooning this generation has heard, even if it is on a mixtape.

When rap began to evolve, backpackers worried that the genre had died due to mainstream influence. Now that R&B is going through its modernization, some fans say the soul has disappeared. Where's the rhythm and where are the blues? However, creators of timeless music have always aimed to present a whole new picture when crafting their sounds, even if that means moving past the conventional borders that tend to surround R&B.

In honor of Black Music Month, The BoomBox pulls back the curtain on 10 singers who are making moves, in and out of the spotlight. From Bei Maejor in the Midwest to K. Michelle in the South, these artists have more than one way to express their soul.

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