Five years after the release of her debut LP ‘Purpose,’ singer-songwriter Algebra Blessett is re-introducing herself to fans with her follow-up album, ‘Recovery.'

“It’s just growth,” she tells The Boombox. “Change. At the end of the day, we grow, we change and people see what we go through, but it’s our story. I want to be able to say, ‘Oh yeah, we got some head-bangers on this one. But it’s not about that. It’s not. It’ll always be a head-banger to a person that needs to bang his head to my music.”

Blessett did a lot of living and experimenting this year, having postponed the release of ‘Recovery,' which is due Jan. 28, 2014, to sign on to perform in the musical, 'Rebirth.' So yes, growth was inevitable for the singer. “Girl! Even my taste buds have changed!” she says with a laugh.

The Atlanta-bred chanteuse dropped her ‘Dessert Before Dinner’ mixtape in July, since then she’s done a lot of writing and recording in preparation for the next course.

Listen to Algebra Blessett's 'What Happened'

“I think ‘Recovery’ is totally different,” she shares. “‘Dessert Before Dinner’ came from a place where I was recording and just working and I’d always say in the studio like, ‘Oh, I would never put this song out.’ And I remember Kwame [Holland, her producer] saying, ‘Well, why not?,’ and I could not answer that question.”

“The songs from ‘Dessert Before Dinner’ were just sort of coming out of me,” she adds. “I just wanted to let people know that I was still preparing to deliver an album and these are some songs that I really like. All written by me and they all came from a special place in my heart.’”

Her latest single ‘Nobody But You’ hints at her personal maturity, highlighting what makes Blessett tick these days. On the track, she manages to showcase a vulnerability that listeners haven't heard from her before.

“This particular song was like, ‘Oh! Let me be the girl that wants the guy for a change. Instead of the girl being hurt by the guy,’” she reveals with a smile.

“I was in a happier place,” she continues. “‘Nobody But You’ came from a conversation [my team and I] were having among ourselves about just letting the other person know that they’re wanted, loved, needed or whatever. Because sometimes we lose it. We’re always texting or emailing but the purpose of the song was to just say ‘You’re the one.’”

Collaborating with old friends like Bryan-Michael Cox and Eric Roberson should keep ‘Recovery’ at a good balance -- pushing R&B forward, keeping it current while maintaining some classic elements. Production from people like LT Moe, who’s done work behind the boards with the Disturbing tha Peace camp, are bound to liven things up on the new album. But above all, Algebra Blessett is all about keeping things true to herself on ‘Recovery.'

“The worst and the best thing is to have an expectation, right?” she starts slowly. “But I really believe that as individuals if we just focus on the honesty of it and be true from the rip, out the gate, getting real and being you from the beginning, that lessens the pressure.”

The southern songstress is currently on tour, with four dates left on her performance run in Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia and Atlanta, where she'll wrap up Nov. 9.

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