Do you know just how happy you can be? Algebra Blessett urges you to find out. The singer's sophomore album, 'Recovery,' is centered around "getting from one place in your life to the next." The Atlanta native will tell you she's an advocate for just that. From heartbreak to feeling euphoria, she sings through the process of recovery on her new effort with songs like the better-check-yourself ode 'Danger Zone,' the lovestruck 'Right Next to You' and the stirring 'I'll Be OK.'

Despite the emotional subject matter, crafting the album didn't find her with a face full of runny mascara in the studio. Blessett received something that money can't buy ("I learned discipline") and realized one of her weaknesses ("I have a focal problem") while recording. Then there's the memorable and hilarious moments she shared with producers Bryan-Michael Cox and Eric Roberson. She admits that there is one experience with the latter that had her raise an eyebrow. But the songstress was eager to try something new -- even if it was a bit awkward.

The soulfully, ardent vocalist chats with The Boombox editor Georgette Cline about that studio time, the recording process, which rappers she'd collaborate with (there are quite a few surprises) and much more. Hit the road to recovery with Algebra Blessett above.