Ghostface Killah is suing Universal Music Group executives for allegedly breaking the terms of his contract, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The rapper attests that UMG only holds a 25 percent stake in the Wu-Tang Clan songs featuring Killah and not the 50 percent as asserted.

Killah has previously sued Wu-Tang Productions and RZA for insufficient royalty payments and won the case four years after it commenced in court. He unsuccessfully attempted to sue Wu-Tang Productions again in 2007.

Meanwhile, Sony Music and Ghost, a.k.a. Tony Starks a.k.a. Ironman, are currently in the middle of a copyright infringement lawsuit. The suit was brought on by 'Iron Man Theme' composer Jack Urbont for the rapper's sampling of the vintage cartoon theme song on his 2000 album 'Supreme Clientele.'

Hip hop artists have been getting sued for uncleared samples since the '90s, with cases of the Turtles vs. De La Soul and Gilbert O'Sullivan vs. Biz Markie, but it's odd that the composer should come forward so emphatically a full decade after the alleged offense.