Ghostface Killah and his label, Sony Music Entertainment are in hot water after being served with a lawsuit by Hollywood composer Jack Urbont for sampling the 'Iron Man Theme,' reports.

Urbont's song, which was written for a cartoon show in the '60s, was sampled twice on Killah's 2000 album, 'Supreme Clientele.' But what is strange about this case is that Urbont hasn't filed his lawsuit until now, 11 years later.

The 'Iron Man' composer's lawsuit goes on to claim that "Defendant Ghostface is also known for the nickname, 'Tony Starks,' which is a take off of the name 'Tony Stark,' Iron Man's real name and true identity. In this way, Defendants' use of Urbont's 'Iron Man Theme' gives them a substantial commercial advantage by linking Ghostface to Iron Man without paying for it."

We're no experts on copyright law, but Urbont's claim just got real wacky.

Listen to the 'Iron Man Theme'

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