Game enlists fellow L.A. oddball Tyler, the Creator for the visual for his all-but-forgotten 'Martians vs. Goblins' single, from his August LP 'The R.E.D. Album.'

Drawing from 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,' 'Saw' and 'The Exorcist' equally, the Matt Alonzo-directed video depicts a straightjacket-dressed Game attempting to look his most deranged in white contact lenses, being wheeled around a hellish mental ward by a Nurse Rached-type, while Tyler, in the guise of his alias Wolf Haley, raps with a cat on his shoulders.

While notably absent martian Lil Wayne does not appear in the clip, his lines are delivered by a cast of equally sinister asylum-inhabitants, some of whom wear Beats by Dre headphones.

Watch Game and Tyler, The Creator in 'Monsters vs. Goblins'

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