Game is an artist known for his gangsta persona and hardcore rhymes, but the Compton MC is just as much of a family man and philanthropist as he is a hip-hop star. But, just like anyone, he can be taken out of his element when a friendly basketball game goes wrong and he has to unleash the smack down on someone.

The rapper reportedly punched a man in the face on Sunday (March 29) at Hollywood High School in Los Angeles after a Pro-Am basketball game turned into a heated argument, according to TMZ. Game, who just one week earlier added a tattoo of Mike Tyson on his hand, threatened to kill the man and knocked him dead in the face before fleeing the scene when the authorities arrived.

While the man's name on the receiving end of Game’s fists has yet to be revealed, we are sure more details surrounding the altercation will come to light soon. In other Game news, the MC is preparing to drop The Documentary 2, his seventh solo studio effort, on June 30.

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