Known for name-dropping in many of his tracks, Compton rhymer Game is spitting some famous names for a good reason this time. The 31-year-old opens up about lost girls, fighting ones and those victim to abuse on 'Good Girls Go Bad,' his Drake assisted-collaboration off 'The R.E.D. Album,' debuting Aug. 23.

Besides serving lines replete with women like Kanye West's mother and Notorious B.I.G.'s daughter, Game dedicates the track to Natalee Holloway, a teen who disappeared in 2005, after vacationing in Aruba. "We don't want to see Nicki fightin' Lil' Kim/ There's missing women out there, let's focus on them," Game raps.

Drake chimes in as well, though his rhymes center more on the physical aspects of a lady rather than being overly sensitive. "I love your a-- like Milhouse love Lisa/ I love your a-- like the Ninja Turtles love pizza," the Young Money signee spits.

Check 'The R.E.D. Album' tracklisting below.

1. 'Dr. Dre (Intro)'

2. 'The City' featuring Kendrick Lamar

3. 'Drug Test' featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg & Sly

4. 'Martians vs. Goblins' featuring Tyler, the Creator & Lil Wayne

5. 'Red Nation' featuring Lil Wayne

6. 'Dr. Dre 1 (Interlude)'

7. 'Good Girls Go Bad' featuring Drake

8. 'Ricky'

9. 'The Good, The Bad, The Ugly'

10. 'Heavy Artillery' featuring Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel

11. 'Paramedics' featuring Young Jeezy

12. 'Speakers on Blast' featuring E-40 & Big Boi

13. 'Hello' featuring Lloyd

14. 'All the Way Gone' featuring Mario & Wale

15. 'Pot of Gold' featuring Chris Brown

16. 'Dr. Dre 2 (Interlude)'

17. 'All I Know' featuring Luu Breeze

18. 'Born in the Trap'

19. 'Mama Knows' featuring Nelly Furtado

20. 'California Dream'

21. 'Dr. Dre (Outro)'

Listen to Game's 'Good Girls Go Bad' Featuring Drake

Watch Game's 'Pot of Gold' Featuring Chris Brown

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