The Game and Young Thug had a well-publicized feud last year that has never really gone away. There were attempts to move past the bad blood, apologies given and some silence on the matter; but a recent Instagram post from The Game seems to reveal that he still has a problem with Thugger.

The Compton native threatened to “beat the Victoria secret” out of Young Thug in a comment he posted on Instagram.

On Monday, Game shared a photo of someone in a bear suit surrounded by women--two of whom were planting a kiss on each of the bear's cheeks. "People was tellin me all night I looked like TED..... What y'all think ??? #Dubai #LIT #AF [@saba_elie's bday party] @thomas_saito,” The Game captioned.

For those unaware, Ted was the popular 2012 Mark Wahlberg comedy about a man whose still best friends with his teddy bear. But the lighthearted post took an antagonistic turn after a fan posted under the photo.

“U gonna need a Ted when the Thugger catch yo ass,” read the fan's comments. Game isn't known for his tendency to leave well enough alone or let things go; so, of course, he responded in typically Game fashion.

“You must be joking…I will beat the Victoria secret out that boy/girl,” The Game responded--before deleting the comment.

Game and Young Thug have been squabbling off and on for months--ever since Game dissed Young Thug while the younger rapper was embroiled in a feud with Lil Wayne. The beef was supposedly "squashed" but then Game and Charlamagne the God traded jokes during the rapper's appearance on The Breakfast Club that were clearly digs at Thugger. Young Thug responded by uploading video of an apology from the Game, which apparently was grounds for another series of disses. In an interview with Billboard back in October, Game explained why he inserted himself into the gray between Wayne and Young Thug.

"If you had a friend and somebody was f---ing with your friend and you didn’t help, then are you really a friend? I’m more vocal than Wayne is as far as beefs are concerned. I stepped in and said what I had to say in defense of a longtime friend. It’s good not to ever have a beef with anybody, but I’m not the one that starts beefs. I’m just the guy that once it’s on, it’s on. I’m not really tolerating any type of disrespect to me, my children or my friends. At the end of the day, that’s all you really have."

Check out a screenshot of the Game's response to a fan saying he should worry about Young Thug.

DJ Akademiks
DJ Akademiks

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