The GameRapper Game reached a settlement last week in an assault charge case stemming from an alleged altercation during an adult league basketball game. According to reports Game, born Jayceon Taylor, settled with basketball coach Shannon Rodrick who claimed the West Coast rapper threatened him with a gun after punching him back in 2007.

The lawsuit alleges that Game, who was playing for the opposing basketball team, walked outside with Rodrick during a timeout and commented that the other team was "garbage" and a "bunch of busters." Game then supposedly punched Rodrick in the face before threatening to "blast" him with a gun. Rodrick also filed assault and battery, negligence and civil rights violations charges against the 30-year-old. Game was arrested for possession of a firearm in a school zone, which he pled no contest too and was released after serving eight days of a 60-day sentence. Additionally a judge ordered him to perform 150 hours of community service and placed him on three years probation.

Game's lawyer Lonnie J. Brandon maintains that his client did not have a firearm in his possession at the time of the incident, and that Rodrick's only motive is financial gain. Brandon also noted that Game is "happy to have the case behind him." Were the case to go to trial, Game requested that any use of the term "gangster" in association with him be removed. Jury selection in the case was set to begin this week. It is not clear as to how much Rodrick will receive.