While touring overseas, Compton native The Game got an extra taste of some French flavor. The rapper, who recently gave an interview during a day off in Paris, spoke on soaking up the local rap scene, revealing a collaboration with French rapper La Fouine and an upcoming video for the track.

"La Fouine is like my brother, so I talked to him, said we want to do a song. Did the song, shot the video. I think it's going to drop Dec. 15, and all the French fans, they'll get a chance to check it out," he said, revealing that he raps in French on the track. "The only thing about it is, I'm rapping in French."

He also shared that his love of French rap runs deeper than his recent collabo, name-checking a few emcees of which he's a fan. "Before I met La Fouine, I listened to Booba and did a song with Rohff, and then I met La Fouine, and La Fouine is the best," he said.

Game, who founded his label Black Wall Street Records in 2004, took the opportunity to announce the establishment of a new imprint named Kush House, and that he's currently looking to sign new talent. "Maybe a French singer, or maybe I'll find a new French rapper and maybe sign him to my label."

La Fouine feat. The Game, 'Caillra for Life'